Monday, February 2, 2015

Still sick :( Week 21

What’s up peeps.

Yet again, still thrashed with sickness. Most horrible thing in the world... I just want to teach people!!! That is why you are getting my letter later than normal.

My companion picked up whatever I had too, so we are together in the apartment, in complete exile once more. We do all we can to still be effective in our proselyting efforts. 

There isn't a whole lot to share with you other than we were in the apartment , man not cool...

Remember how I finished the Book of Mormon last week? yeahhhhh well I’m about to do it again, soo thats a little image for what life is like for the two of us. I did go to the hospital this morning again though. It appears that I did NOT have the flu but had/have some crazy virus. Pretty sketchy stuff man. They still think it came from oysters or something we ate, I don’t even know other than it SUCKS SO BAD!! They did some blood tests, and some other weird things and tests and have no idea what the heck is wrong meaning that stuff was all ! Grrrr... I received some medicine for my symptoms but other than that I’m sitting and suffering since I can’t teach!! I feel like I am still slowly getting better so I guess that’s good right?

We have been making paper airplanes out of our church flyers and throwing em off our balcony to people. We are literally doing all we can!!! 

One thing we did do was we mustered up the strength to walk a few buildings down to our friend I spoke about a few weeks ago. The man who we lent some money to get the hospital for his mom! Whom we stopped and talked to the other day. I had this feeling," bring the man some church clothes", and it had been in my mind allll week. SO! I picked a pair of pants that were smallest on me, one of my ties and a couple white shirts for him. 

Now previously, we stopped by earlier and gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read. 

We show up near his house and he’s outside already! So i yell to him and say "Hey! I gotta present for ya!" He stops and is stunned out of his mind when I brought him my clothes. Because when he found the pamphlet he said he read it like 3 times! (SO sick man) And in the very back of it, it has an invitation to come to church! It explains what church is, what we do, and what we wear. He really wanted to come to church he said, but didn't have any clothes and didn't want to embarrass himself by wearing the same clothes he wears all the time. So when we came, his joy blew through the roofs. (What I live for) At that point, he didn’t even care what it looked like, or how big it was.( Dude it was so big on him!! He’s a tiny man ) He was excited to have clothes for church, Not only that, but to have new clothes in general. He only wears one pair every day.

When I met him for the third time, I was moved with compassion for this man. Because of how humble he is, with how little he has. The Lord blessed that man, through me, because of his desire and faith. I'm so forever grateful to have been used as an instrument in his work. This is HIS work. 

Through reading the Book of Mormon, I read a lot of 3rd Nephi, Which holds the account of Jesus and his ministry amongst the Nephites.

I LOVE JESUS YO. He’s my best friend. One of the things I admire him for, is his love and charity towards EVERYONE. It’s not selective, it’s not half, its unconditional, it’s infinite, and never ending. One of the things he specifically asks us to do is to love one another as he loves us! From reading this all so much, it inspired me to act and try and be like my Savior. I love him, and he loves me. I know that. He also loves every single one of you. I know that. He’s our Exemplar. Follow him. When you do, your life will change as mine has, having love unfeigned for all his children, and desiring to serve and help those in need. 

As Ammon is, I only glory in my God. Not in my own strength. I am nothing but a blessed soul in his hands in this work. He loves me and this is what he would have wanted me to do.  

This week, think of a way you can reach out to someone else. Someone, perhaps in need?  Whatever the case may be, do it for someone else, for the Lord! Then you will feel the blessings and Joy of serving others!

Have a blessed week. I love you all, and until next time :) Pray for me and my companion so that we can get out and share Christ’s message!

P.s. I hope Addison received my package I sent for her Birthday! Man I can't believe that little stinker is 14, that is nuts! 


Elder Preciado

(You can tell by his eyes hes still sick :()

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