Monday, February 16, 2015

The Final Days of Exile - Week 23

Hello Everyone!

FIRST OFF!!! YEAH, FREAK YEAH MAN!! Josh & Ashley having a boy! Sooo PUMPED guys!!!! 

This week was a special one for many instances. One, we were able to DO STUFF! Kind of haha. 
Last Monday, we had permission to go see "Les Miserables" with one of the Sisters investigators. A local university did it and performed in English! (Freakin Weird) but I enjoyed it! A past investigator of my companion ran away from home and showed up at our church from like miles away. We were able to talk to him and send him back home again. Pretty odd but it all worked out!

Tuesday, for the most part we weren't feeling good and were told to stay in the apartment again.
Sooo, we did and basically tried to rest as much as possible during all that.

Wednesday, we were somewhat still sick but were able to visit a few people And then head out to Eikaiwa (English class).  It was a good class, taught some English ya know!

Thursday, was the best day of them allllllll. Elder Aoyagi, of the Seventy, came to the mission and was able to speak to us. Was an amazing conference!! Was one of the harder conferences considering it was in Japanese, but it was good! He came up to me after and gave me a hug and thanked me for giving the opening prayer! His wife is very sweet and gave an amazing talk on what a simple smile can do to people.

Friday, we went out to dinner with a crazy man... one of our potential investigators. The sisters came as well. Everytime we brought up the gospel with him he would completely shut it down and change the subject. It just turned into an hour and a half of him making fun of ME for being big and I guess handsome? (I don't know folks) So I just messed with him back the entire time. I wasn't feeling good and wasn't in the mood either! It was friendly teasing, not rudeness don't worry people! I'm better than that ;)

After that we had a ping pong night at the church and an investigator came. Lots of fun!! I freakin wrecked everyone. I turn Asian when It comes to ping pong.

Saturday, we were way wrecked, still sick and what not. so we stayed in again.... (dang it)

Sunday, was a good one. We made it to church again! And we were asked by the Mercados ( a half Peruvian, half Japanese family) to come over and teach there son, who is seven, the lessons since he will be getting baptized next month. Smart, and cute kid! Still needs and wants to learn a lot. Has a great heart :) I spent half of church talking about Super Mario to him. Don't know how I knew the Japanese for that convo but I did haha.

And that leaves us with today! Went to the Hospital for the last time probably today. Everything seems to be going good just the sickness taking its toll.

An amazing experience happened last week! And well the this week too.  I received a letter from a past investigator from Hashimoto. Saying some really nice things and how she missed me and stuff. Very sweet lady! So I wrote one back encouraging her to read the Book of Mormon and continue investigating and what not. But after I was finished, and as I was about to seal the letter, I had the weirdest prompting. The spirit told me," Pull out the drawing of Christ and the boy on the bench that you drew and send it to her". At first I said HECK NO!! because I took a lot of time on that drawing! But It came again. "Give it to her". So I humbled myself, and popped it in and sent it off. This week, I received another letter from her. And I was touched to the point where she left me in tears. She explained everything in her letter. She wrote," I was so happy to see that you took the time to write me, but I was crying tears of joy when I saw that you had given me that picture that you drew for me" Lately the lady has been having some personal issues and concerns going on in her life. Things of the world, her mother and so on. She lives with her 94 year old mother whom she takes care of everyday. She loves reading the bible, but she likes it for the stories, she doesn't necessarily read it for beliefs. She says she doesn't understand nor really did care who or what Jesus did in the first place. But amazingly, because of the picture I sent her she said and I quote, "Just from looking at your picture, I can tell you spent a lot of time on it! You have perfect proportions, depth and I can feel the message that comes off of it. But most of all, Just by looking at how you carefully drew Christ, I can see your love for him, and I now understand who he is. I can behold His greatness from your picture. I purchased a picture frame and decorated my drawers with it on top. Every time I look at it now, it brings me a sense of peace and comfort. Thank you for sending this to me. It's what I needed at this time. You have a genius talent. Keep blessing others the way you blessed me!"

This is just a sealing testament to my message to you all last week. God lives. He knows us all and he watches over us and takes care of us. He has a way with working through the spirit to help and guide his children. I'm so grateful for the fact that he used me to help bless this woman's life in such a simple way. Sometimes its just by needing to show a little bit of love to someone in need. I love what I do, why I do it, and what It's doing to me. I'm so grateful for this gospel! For those not of this faith, I invite you to come and see! Come and see what this can do for you and your life. Its changed mine.

I love you all so much. talk to you soon!

Elder Preciado......Jake :)

 Dr.s again!
winnie the pooh ties rock!

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