Monday, February 23, 2015

Well, you guessed it.... Week 24

What’s good family,  people? Not much to report this week. My companion is still suffering this sickness. For the most part I am okay! I’m finally better, but He is not. I feel so bad and It’s kinda crazy. I have no idea what to do anymore since we have been stuck inside for so long! I’m studying hymns now, which is pretty crazy. Some deep stuff that we sing every Sunday that I’m sure half of us know nothing about!

I will share a cool story that just happened today. We were walking on the street coming to the church and an old lady was walking our way. She looked like she was just trekking along with life, things looked hard you could see it on her little old face. So I leaned to my companion and said," We are going to give her the BIGGEST and BEST smiles we have." As she approached, I gave her a simple hello and the best smile I had within in me. And to see the look on her face was something special. Her countenance changed completely upside down. She stopped and said," Hey! Where are you going?!" We talked for a bit and she gave us a couple of dried fruits for our walk. The nicest lady ever!! 

Something as simple as a smile can pick someone up. "Let your light so shine forth!"

Well folks I apologize this week’s email is so short.  But that’s going to make next week’s all the better. We are working hard to get things going again. Today was transfers and we are staying again, which we figured since we haven’t even been here that long since being sick.  Keep praying for my companion and I that we can get out and spread the word!

I love you all, you close to the lord.. yeah? I promise He will take you in the right direction!

Til next time,

Elder Jacob Preciado

(This is mom talking...I still can see in his eyes that he is not feeling well :/ poor guy)

A drawing I drew for a very ill member whom loves mickey mouse

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Final Days of Exile - Week 23

Hello Everyone!

FIRST OFF!!! YEAH, FREAK YEAH MAN!! Josh & Ashley having a boy! Sooo PUMPED guys!!!! 

This week was a special one for many instances. One, we were able to DO STUFF! Kind of haha. 
Last Monday, we had permission to go see "Les Miserables" with one of the Sisters investigators. A local university did it and performed in English! (Freakin Weird) but I enjoyed it! A past investigator of my companion ran away from home and showed up at our church from like miles away. We were able to talk to him and send him back home again. Pretty odd but it all worked out!

Tuesday, for the most part we weren't feeling good and were told to stay in the apartment again.
Sooo, we did and basically tried to rest as much as possible during all that.

Wednesday, we were somewhat still sick but were able to visit a few people And then head out to Eikaiwa (English class).  It was a good class, taught some English ya know!

Thursday, was the best day of them allllllll. Elder Aoyagi, of the Seventy, came to the mission and was able to speak to us. Was an amazing conference!! Was one of the harder conferences considering it was in Japanese, but it was good! He came up to me after and gave me a hug and thanked me for giving the opening prayer! His wife is very sweet and gave an amazing talk on what a simple smile can do to people.

Friday, we went out to dinner with a crazy man... one of our potential investigators. The sisters came as well. Everytime we brought up the gospel with him he would completely shut it down and change the subject. It just turned into an hour and a half of him making fun of ME for being big and I guess handsome? (I don't know folks) So I just messed with him back the entire time. I wasn't feeling good and wasn't in the mood either! It was friendly teasing, not rudeness don't worry people! I'm better than that ;)

After that we had a ping pong night at the church and an investigator came. Lots of fun!! I freakin wrecked everyone. I turn Asian when It comes to ping pong.

Saturday, we were way wrecked, still sick and what not. so we stayed in again.... (dang it)

Sunday, was a good one. We made it to church again! And we were asked by the Mercados ( a half Peruvian, half Japanese family) to come over and teach there son, who is seven, the lessons since he will be getting baptized next month. Smart, and cute kid! Still needs and wants to learn a lot. Has a great heart :) I spent half of church talking about Super Mario to him. Don't know how I knew the Japanese for that convo but I did haha.

And that leaves us with today! Went to the Hospital for the last time probably today. Everything seems to be going good just the sickness taking its toll.

An amazing experience happened last week! And well the this week too.  I received a letter from a past investigator from Hashimoto. Saying some really nice things and how she missed me and stuff. Very sweet lady! So I wrote one back encouraging her to read the Book of Mormon and continue investigating and what not. But after I was finished, and as I was about to seal the letter, I had the weirdest prompting. The spirit told me," Pull out the drawing of Christ and the boy on the bench that you drew and send it to her". At first I said HECK NO!! because I took a lot of time on that drawing! But It came again. "Give it to her". So I humbled myself, and popped it in and sent it off. This week, I received another letter from her. And I was touched to the point where she left me in tears. She explained everything in her letter. She wrote," I was so happy to see that you took the time to write me, but I was crying tears of joy when I saw that you had given me that picture that you drew for me" Lately the lady has been having some personal issues and concerns going on in her life. Things of the world, her mother and so on. She lives with her 94 year old mother whom she takes care of everyday. She loves reading the bible, but she likes it for the stories, she doesn't necessarily read it for beliefs. She says she doesn't understand nor really did care who or what Jesus did in the first place. But amazingly, because of the picture I sent her she said and I quote, "Just from looking at your picture, I can tell you spent a lot of time on it! You have perfect proportions, depth and I can feel the message that comes off of it. But most of all, Just by looking at how you carefully drew Christ, I can see your love for him, and I now understand who he is. I can behold His greatness from your picture. I purchased a picture frame and decorated my drawers with it on top. Every time I look at it now, it brings me a sense of peace and comfort. Thank you for sending this to me. It's what I needed at this time. You have a genius talent. Keep blessing others the way you blessed me!"

This is just a sealing testament to my message to you all last week. God lives. He knows us all and he watches over us and takes care of us. He has a way with working through the spirit to help and guide his children. I'm so grateful for the fact that he used me to help bless this woman's life in such a simple way. Sometimes its just by needing to show a little bit of love to someone in need. I love what I do, why I do it, and what It's doing to me. I'm so grateful for this gospel! For those not of this faith, I invite you to come and see! Come and see what this can do for you and your life. Its changed mine.

I love you all so much. talk to you soon!

Elder Preciado......Jake :)

 Dr.s again!
winnie the pooh ties rock!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

20 Days of Exile!!! Week 22!

Whats good peeps?

You all are hoping that I got better! Guess what! SIKE im still sick. Today is the 20th day man. I know, what the heck....right?! What is life? I could tell you everything about that because all I do is study the standard works every single day for hours on end. And let me tell ya... Ive been learning a lot. Of which I will share with you in a little bit. :)

This week, as others have been the same. Trapped inside! But like I said, all I do with my time is educate myself on gospel doctrine. We did have a miracle this week though! 

My companion and I had a prompting to go to the store and buy some yogurt. Why? I have no idea. We are not supposed to leave our apartment though is the thing. (According to Sister Welch, the mission presidents wife) BUT! considering it was the spirit telling us to go we went anyway. We showed up at the store, grabbed some yogurt, and checked out. As we were leaving some dude runs up to us and was like "Hey! Ive been to your church and have had some holy bread and water! Come over to my house right now!" So we went and talked for a bit and scheduled an appointment for this friday! So glad the Lord helped us feel happy again during the week :)
 Spirit is REAL!!!!

Also we finally made it to church! And our investigator showed up man! Sickness! Speaking of sickness like i said we still have it so we did our best at church, taught our buddy, and then went home because we were feeling pretty bad. BUT, we went. We were starting to go less active bro. But we made it and everyone was happy to see us up and ALIVE.

Through all my studying and through my experience with the yogurt man, Ive been learning a lot about the spirit, how it works, and about revelation. Ive read some crazy talks too so ill share from these as well!

The spirit works in many different ways. The Holy Ghost is a member of the godhead. He is literally a GOD. which means if we want his presence and help, we must live worthy of it. we must be clean. That means both physically, AND spiritually. (take a shower, brush your teeth, repent!) When this is done, you leave a perfect environment for the spirit to reside.

The spirit talks to you through the light of Jesus Christ. It is the creating, governing power that can be found in and through all things. It is everywhere present and possible. its is "the light that quickeneths understanding" (D&C 88:11) It is what scientists call nature, its what protestant and Catholics call God, What humanists call decency, its what the man on the street calls common sense.

The spirit talks to us through the light of Christ. To anyone. Anyone can feel of its power. As for members, we hold the gift of the Holy ghost. we have what is called an educated conscience. When one engages themselves in learning and growing spiritually, they are educating their conscience. They receive promptings and personal commandments sent form the heavens. They feel a conviction of guilt to breaking commandments that arent even known or viewed to the world. In general, the ten commandments are a standard, but when one goes beyond following JUST those, and the teachings of the church, they educate their conscience and are bound to and qualify to receive personal revelation from God. 

Think of it this way. The Father, and the Son are radio announcers, they speak through the Holy Ghost, which is the radio itself, The radio waves are the light of Christ that are carried to us!
(Bruce R. McConkie came up with that one !)

Ask yourself and ponder this question in your heart, If you listen, your conscience will tell you and you will know exactly how to answer it.

"What do I need to do to come closer to Christ?"

Whatever it is you received, THAT is the spirit. You received that answer through the light of Christ. That is revelation. You can enhance that ability to receive and learn by studying the scriptures daily, listening when you pray, and committing to obey what you hear. If you don't listen to it, God will stop giving it to you because you wont listen anyways!!

Nephi always did what the lord commanded! he always talked and communed with God because he had an educated conscience. Laman and Lemual thought he was crazy! they did NOT have an educated conscience which is why they "never knew such things from the Lord". They did not follow the commandments, pray, or study anything like Nephi did.

Do those things, pray always and listen, part of praying is listening, read and study the scriptures daily, educate your conscience and when you do your knowledge will grow, you will begin to know what it is in life you need to do (your purpose) and you will feel a greater abundance of peace and happiness from it. 

I know that, with all my heart.

Everyone needs guidance in there life. without it, we would all be lost in darkness. Its like going on a road trip without a map. You will go no where. I pray and advise you all to educate your conscience, to do whats right always so that you can feel and see the blessings and power of the Holy ghost in your life. I testify that as you do Marvelous things in our lives would happen. My life was literally saved because of the Holy Ghost. I'm so thankful for it and how It has blessed my life.

My companion says hello. and He is alive too. 

We love you all so very much. This week, Answer that question I asked and Do it. Your life will be blessed.

LOVE, Elder Preciado

                                                This was Oni day. or devil day so we got a mask

member gave me a michael jackson glove cause hes obsessed AND us being bored!

These are pictures from outside our apartment window :) And yes when I still look and feel sick :/

Monday, February 2, 2015

Still sick :( Week 21

What’s up peeps.

Yet again, still thrashed with sickness. Most horrible thing in the world... I just want to teach people!!! That is why you are getting my letter later than normal.

My companion picked up whatever I had too, so we are together in the apartment, in complete exile once more. We do all we can to still be effective in our proselyting efforts. 

There isn't a whole lot to share with you other than we were in the apartment , man not cool...

Remember how I finished the Book of Mormon last week? yeahhhhh well I’m about to do it again, soo thats a little image for what life is like for the two of us. I did go to the hospital this morning again though. It appears that I did NOT have the flu but had/have some crazy virus. Pretty sketchy stuff man. They still think it came from oysters or something we ate, I don’t even know other than it SUCKS SO BAD!! They did some blood tests, and some other weird things and tests and have no idea what the heck is wrong meaning that stuff was all ! Grrrr... I received some medicine for my symptoms but other than that I’m sitting and suffering since I can’t teach!! I feel like I am still slowly getting better so I guess that’s good right?

We have been making paper airplanes out of our church flyers and throwing em off our balcony to people. We are literally doing all we can!!! 

One thing we did do was we mustered up the strength to walk a few buildings down to our friend I spoke about a few weeks ago. The man who we lent some money to get the hospital for his mom! Whom we stopped and talked to the other day. I had this feeling," bring the man some church clothes", and it had been in my mind allll week. SO! I picked a pair of pants that were smallest on me, one of my ties and a couple white shirts for him. 

Now previously, we stopped by earlier and gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read. 

We show up near his house and he’s outside already! So i yell to him and say "Hey! I gotta present for ya!" He stops and is stunned out of his mind when I brought him my clothes. Because when he found the pamphlet he said he read it like 3 times! (SO sick man) And in the very back of it, it has an invitation to come to church! It explains what church is, what we do, and what we wear. He really wanted to come to church he said, but didn't have any clothes and didn't want to embarrass himself by wearing the same clothes he wears all the time. So when we came, his joy blew through the roofs. (What I live for) At that point, he didn’t even care what it looked like, or how big it was.( Dude it was so big on him!! He’s a tiny man ) He was excited to have clothes for church, Not only that, but to have new clothes in general. He only wears one pair every day.

When I met him for the third time, I was moved with compassion for this man. Because of how humble he is, with how little he has. The Lord blessed that man, through me, because of his desire and faith. I'm so forever grateful to have been used as an instrument in his work. This is HIS work. 

Through reading the Book of Mormon, I read a lot of 3rd Nephi, Which holds the account of Jesus and his ministry amongst the Nephites.

I LOVE JESUS YO. He’s my best friend. One of the things I admire him for, is his love and charity towards EVERYONE. It’s not selective, it’s not half, its unconditional, it’s infinite, and never ending. One of the things he specifically asks us to do is to love one another as he loves us! From reading this all so much, it inspired me to act and try and be like my Savior. I love him, and he loves me. I know that. He also loves every single one of you. I know that. He’s our Exemplar. Follow him. When you do, your life will change as mine has, having love unfeigned for all his children, and desiring to serve and help those in need. 

As Ammon is, I only glory in my God. Not in my own strength. I am nothing but a blessed soul in his hands in this work. He loves me and this is what he would have wanted me to do.  

This week, think of a way you can reach out to someone else. Someone, perhaps in need?  Whatever the case may be, do it for someone else, for the Lord! Then you will feel the blessings and Joy of serving others!

Have a blessed week. I love you all, and until next time :) Pray for me and my companion so that we can get out and share Christ’s message!

P.s. I hope Addison received my package I sent for her Birthday! Man I can't believe that little stinker is 14, that is nuts! 


Elder Preciado

(You can tell by his eyes hes still sick :()