Monday, February 23, 2015

Well, you guessed it.... Week 24

What’s good family,  people? Not much to report this week. My companion is still suffering this sickness. For the most part I am okay! I’m finally better, but He is not. I feel so bad and It’s kinda crazy. I have no idea what to do anymore since we have been stuck inside for so long! I’m studying hymns now, which is pretty crazy. Some deep stuff that we sing every Sunday that I’m sure half of us know nothing about!

I will share a cool story that just happened today. We were walking on the street coming to the church and an old lady was walking our way. She looked like she was just trekking along with life, things looked hard you could see it on her little old face. So I leaned to my companion and said," We are going to give her the BIGGEST and BEST smiles we have." As she approached, I gave her a simple hello and the best smile I had within in me. And to see the look on her face was something special. Her countenance changed completely upside down. She stopped and said," Hey! Where are you going?!" We talked for a bit and she gave us a couple of dried fruits for our walk. The nicest lady ever!! 

Something as simple as a smile can pick someone up. "Let your light so shine forth!"

Well folks I apologize this week’s email is so short.  But that’s going to make next week’s all the better. We are working hard to get things going again. Today was transfers and we are staying again, which we figured since we haven’t even been here that long since being sick.  Keep praying for my companion and I that we can get out and spread the word!

I love you all, you close to the lord.. yeah? I promise He will take you in the right direction!

Til next time,

Elder Jacob Preciado

(This is mom talking...I still can see in his eyes that he is not feeling well :/ poor guy)

A drawing I drew for a very ill member whom loves mickey mouse

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