Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm Alive! Week 20

What is up people? It’s been a pretty crazy week. Not that great of one to be honest. But BEFORE I say anything, I AM FINE NOW! Still feel it but for the most part have recovered.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. That was the day that we taught our buddy that we found on the street last week. We taught him an amazing lesson which got him super duper excited to continue learning the gospel! In fact, we were teaching a little bit about prayer and repentance and he says,"hold up hold up! Just a second. I need to start repenting right away, can I pray really quick to begin my process?" My companion and I looked at each other and just thought, "who is this guy? He’s so ready!" We plan to invite him to be baptized next lesson. Pray he accepts!

BUT, during the lesson, I started to feel really hot, and what not so I thought whatever! It’s just the Heater! WRONG. I went to bed that night, everything was fine. Woke up and felt normalish? So we headed out! We had the idea to visit our Bishop and bring him some treats. Like a doorbell ditch kinda thing from "anonymous" people. So we rode to his house! Which was pretty freakin far out there, Kinda sucked but it was all for Bishop, so worth it! We made it all the way there, hit up a bakery and brought the goods over and ditched! quite fun. After, since we rode pretty far, we decided to stay in the area and dendo! That’s when my head started picking up, and I started not to feel well soon thereafter. We stayed for about 30 min. then I was feeling HORRIBLE. We started our trek back and what not. The hardest bike ride of my life. It was about 5:30 when we got back and we had a lesson at the church at 6:00 planned. I decided to stick it out and go! The guy didn’t freakin show up :/ ... But it’s okay. Another time. I was about ready to head out when I forgot it was Wednesday... The day we teach English Class at 7:00 every week. So I had to stay for that too! My companion is a champ and said I could just sit in the corner and relax and he would teach because of how sick i was feeling. 
     About 15 minutes in, I suddenly gotten instantaneously dizzy, and my vision was blurred. INCREDIBLY. I motioned to a member that I needed to go to the bathroom. I stood and stumbled, and almost fell on my face because I couldn’t see, hear, and was incredibly dizzy. I made it to the bathroom and just threw up a ton. came out and was still feeling the horrible.  My body was in SO much pain, My head, my stomach, in great amounts of pain. Sharp, and achy pains. I was FREEZING from head to toe as well. Everything just got worse and worse.
     My bishop walks into the church and sees me with the member, and decides to give me a blessing. At this point I’m literally in tears due to the way I feel. I’ve never been THIS sick in years.
After the blessing I was taken to the hospital for treatment. Don’t remember anything from the hospital other than them shoving stuff all the way up my nose to check for stuff (Hurt SO bad haha) And then stumbling around trying to walk and stay strong. 
     By the end of the trip, they never found out what was wrong with me other than thinking it was an oyster virus and they gave me some medicine for the next few days to see if I can get better. Soo I’ve been sick in bed the past four days basically. every time I ate something, it would come right back out. so technically I haven’t eaten in probably 3 days straight, nothing but some Aquarius (Japanese Gatorade). It’s been rough, I lost a ton of weight, and what not but I’m slowly progressing and getting better. Pray for me yall!

During all this, obviously I haven’t been able to go out and do the work so I’ve been doing what I can every now and then. We have been calling people from our area book, I occasionally went out on to our balcony (we live on the 5th floor of an apartment complex) and yelled at people on the street from the top saying "Come unto Christ!!! Have a good day!!!"  quite fun! Although not very effective. Lol During that time though I was sick, I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of study time! in which I read the entire Book of Mormon :) MAAANNNNNNNN was that sick/awesome. If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly advise you to do so. There’s nothing specific I can really share with you other than the fact that I know with all my heart that It is true. The more I read it every day, the more times I finish, my knowledge and testimony of its divinity is strengthened. Before I came out here on a mission, I was familiar with the book, I knew it, I read it, said it was true merely due to the fact everyone else said it. I can honestly say at that time, I had a testimony…but didn't feel I truly had my very OWN testimony of it. I've read it 3 times now I study and learn and Live its teachings every single day now and know without a doubt it is the word of God. If someone was to come up to me, gun at the head and said, "deny it and live!" I don't know what I would've said or did before. But now I’d say," Fire away my friend, and may the Lord have mercy on you and your sins"

It was sent to us in this generation, through Joseph Smith who translated it. Use it, follow it, read it. Live by its teachings and your life will be changed and blessed just like mine has been. More peace and love within your families and friends will abide, and you will begin to understand your purpose and why you're here. I know for a fact that question has come up into all of our lives at some point in time! Like I said, I highly advise you to read! whether you are a member or not! Or even if you have already or not! If so, read it again. The Lord is bound through His Holy Spirit to teach something new and profound that you never knew before. As an official representative of the church, having been called to testify of eternal truths, I testify this book will change your life. It will pull you out of problems, it will lift you and guide you and most of all bless you. (I can’t emphasize that enough!)

I love you guys. You all are my good friends and family no matter who is reading this. All of you! I’m on the rise to 100 percent full functionality, and pray I get there quicker so I can tell the Japanese people about how awesome this book is! And pray my companion doesn't get what I got. (Which may be a virus from oysters?)

Well, I will talk to you all next week!


Elder Preciado


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