Sunday, January 11, 2015

6 months down and a Transfer! week 18

I'm like crying right now, I feeel so horrribble about Elder Hall! 

Well... I’m also sad to say... IM TRANSFERINGGGGGGG............ 

My heart is so torn!! I LOVE Hashimoto SO much... I’m like crying a lot! This is not cool. 

But I`m willing to leave... because I gotta do what I gotta do right? I’m heading to the area of Fushimi in the Kyoto area which i guess is a plus! If any of you know Kyoto, its JAPAN, like everything about the culture, the everything, the history of JAPAN. Pretty sweet I guess.

I don’t have a lot of time today, Since it’s our last week in the area, we are heading to Kouya San, an ancient Mountain temple Buddhist site of about 1000 plus years. I’m excited to explore

I’m soooo sad to be leaving though gahhhhhh..... I love these people so much... I called Mitsukawa Kyodai the 60 year old guy who is like my best friend and started crying telling him I’m leaving. He’s like my father here. Because of him, my Japanese has shot through the roofs, he’s been there, He’s the best man ever. When you guys come to pick me up in Japan, I’m bringing you guys here to see these people. NO doubt, Anyways I’ll stop being a baby! My new companion is Elder Grossen, don’t know him! but I’m leaving my father Elder Scowcroft! He has been so awesome I will miss him so much!

I love you all, and am apologizing I don’t have any revelation or doctrine for ya’ll this week. Please keep reading your scriptures daily though! Next time!

Everyone please pray for one of my best friends, Elder Hall whom was my MTC companion. He has been seriously hurt in a bike accident...I love that guy a lot and wish you the best buddy, I’ll see you soon back in the field soon brother! Stay strong and know that the Lord and I love you. 

Until Next time peopleeeeeee I love you lots and next time you hear from me I’ll be 19! Crazy!!! I LOVE to hear from you so please write! Thanks again to all the family and friends that sent packages for Christmas! You are amazing and I loved every bit of what you sent! Thank you so much for your generosity it is greatly appreciated!, Seriously!

Love you all!

Elder Jacob Preciado

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