Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fresh Start!! Week 19

Well hello everyone!!

Wow what a great week! I ended my days in Hashimoto saying my good byes to investigators and friends. It was hard but awesome all at the same time! I pray for them every day that they may come closer to Christ :)

Thursday was Transfer day, The hardest day!, physically that is. I carried my weights all the way from Hashimoto lugging by train, walking, everything. NOT FUN. But got a nice workout all day so that's sick right? haha.

Made it to my new area and met my new companion Elder Grossen from Arizona! Really cool guy and a great missionary! We both are brand new in this area. We "White Washed" into Fushimi and are trying to pick up where everyone left off.

Last Friday, My birthday!! (By the way thank you everyone for the kind notes and wishes :) ) was one of the greatest days of my mission. So many Miracles happened. 

We came back from the church after studying there in the morning, and just as we were going to cross the street, i see an old guy staring at us. I knew inside I needed to talk to him, but all i said was hi. As we walked by I felt bad i dint say anything! As i parked my bike, i look over and see him coming back our way! so i grabbed my companion and we ran over to him! Turns out the guy has taken lessons before and what not, he’s a little crazy but didn't matter! He was worried about his mother in the hospital preparing for surgery. He wants to help her and doesn't know how, we taught him about God and prayer and how if you show your faith, God will do the rest. He got really happy, and said," I like you! next Tuesday, i don't care if its raining, snowing, earthquake, NOTHING!! you are meeting me here. RIGHT HERE, at 6 o'clock! got it!" he was getting ready to walk 2 hours to visit his mom, he had no money for a train or anything. So My companion and I split 1 bucks and payed his round trip for him. The joy in his eyes is indescribable. THAT is what I love to do. Make people happy from what we share and help them with. THAT is why I am a missionary.

The rest of that day, was similar stuff one after another, after another!  Stopping random kids, college students, etc. and immediately testifying of its divinity and power and getting the reply, “I want you to teach me more please". It’s a blessing! gave out 6 Book of Mormons think? Can’t remember! It was a lot!

That day we were walking our bikes, and some dude, walks up and starts waking right beside me, and says," hey you’re the missionaries! teach me something will ya?" The entire day we were stunned at Gods hand in everything. I think God knew it was my Birthday and wanted to make me happy! That and a ton other stuff happened that day with inviting people to English class, church, to take the lessons, and ALL were successful in one way or another.

Best part was when a random man came to church yesterday, stayed all three hours and said he wanted to learn more and more. "This church makes me feel good, I like this." We taught him briefly throughout the meetings and accepted a "soft" invitation to be baptized. Stay tuned!! :)

This week I've been learning all about the Atonement, our ability to change. Become better, not only from a sinful state but just using the power it has to change in general. One of the greatest gifts from our creator!

Through it, we have the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins, use it to change and improve our lives. BUT, we need to do our part, need to walk through and do step 1 first before we can receive the blessings! For instance, Christ is basically a garbage man! He comes and takes our trash away! He comes always and will be happy to take our trash for us, but, it’s our job to take it to the curb if we want it out! We must approach and enter the "Red Door", meaning the cleansing power of it! In order to get there, we gotta do our stuff, read scriptures, pray, go to church, do everything we can to show our faith in order to be cleansed by it. When we do that, we qualify to access the cleansing power of the atonement and are able to enter the "Red Door" (Don’t ask why it’s red just go with it!) Once we are there we are clean and pure if we did our part the right way. We qualify to access the "Blue Door" or the enabling power of the atonement. Basically, the power to do stuff that no mortals can do. The power of priesthood, miracles etc. We in essence become god like. That is our end goal, to be like God himself. and that is only done through Christ and his atonement. The word Atonement is At One "Ment", to be coming closer and closer till eventually we are "At One" with our Heavenly Father.

USE IT! Make yourselves better. Anything is possible through it! Alma the younger was considered the most vilest of all sinners, the worst of the worst. But in and through Christ he changed, and became one of the greatest prophets and missionaries in all of time. It’s possible.
In my life I’ve made some mistakes ,we all have. But I’m truly grateful for the atonement and what it’s done for me as a member of this church, a missionary, as a Son of God.

I pray that each one who is reading this can realize and use the power of the atonement. It’s free, pure, and everlasting. May we all "take our trash to the curb" and let us become better saints and children of our father in heaven.

Thank you for keeping Elder Hall in your prayers and please continue to do so. He is healing well after surgery but can still use your prayers. Love you Elder Hall!

I love you all and am so grateful to be a missionary in these last times. Take care and think about how you can better your life in this coming week! Until next week! stay tuned...

Elder Preciado


1 John 4:17-18 my favorite scripture!

Pics from new area, making Mochi again and playing with this cute lil guy!

Heres a few of  my investigators from Hashimoto and pics from a small party my ward mission leader threw me!

The chocolate piece says あぼかどおじさん Which means Uncle Avocado my dumb nickname...haha

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