Sunday, November 23, 2014

Good Weekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk- desu week 11

Good week this week. Been working really hard lately and some cool things happened! I had a lot of lessons and cool experiences. Tuesday we met our buddy Panchhi. Same old same old with him. Wednesday, we had a weekly ping pong night and we brought an investigator! Masa さん had a lot of fun and he’s becoming a good friend. Thursday went on a companionship exchange with Elder Wilcox, My zone leader who’s a total beast. So i spent the day in Mikunigaoka on Thursday seeing investigators from that area and such. Friday was an awesome day. We had Zone Conference and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. Learned some new insights, and some things i can use in my teaching appointments. Half way through we had Lunch, and President Welch whips out MEET THE MORMONS!! We watched that during our Lunchtime and man was that an amazing film. It was awesome to see the perspective of soo many different people all over the world. My favorite was the Navy football coach! the segment made me cry. I miss footballlllllllllll. Oh well haha. Anyways i enjoyed it! 
Saturday, we had a stake music festival! Lots of crazy good music and we brought our friend Masa again! He really had a good time, he LOVES music, all music with a passion. After that we returned to Hashimoto and headed back to the apartment. We decided to head over to our friend whom I scared last week haha. Turns out his electricity is still out and has been homeless basically. He was in his car when we saw him and we talked to him for a bit. He seemed worried and scared but didn’t want to show it. So me and my companion went back after talking to him feeling horrible about this. I grabbed my only jacket, my blankets, some bread and water, and headed back over to him. He was surprised yet so very grateful for helping him out that night.
Sunday was the hardest day of the week, but another experience through the spirit.
I woke up on not much sleep, and so we were getting ready for meetings and I only had time to eat a slice of bread for breakfast. I was hungry! We went to church and everything. Afterward, we had zero time for lunch; we had lessons to go to. So we went and visited the people and didn’t get back till about 7. At this point I’m DYING!! I hadn’t eaten all day haha. We headed to the apartment but decided to check on our friend agaiun on the way. He was still struggling a bit and said there was nothing else we could do; we already helped him he said. After that we left feeling sorry for the guy. We made it back to the apartment and I was so ready to eat! I had some chicken and stuff ready to make a BOMB Chicken sandwich.  I made a really, really good sandwich. As soon as I slapped the bread on top, the spirit overtook me and said, great you made some food! Now go take it to your friend! I was so mad! I wanted that sandwich! I hadn’t eaten all day! But then I remembered the scriptures, of how the lord asks us to love others and take care of the poor and administer to the sick, so I was smited by God and was told again, take him the sandwich. So.... I grabbed my other blanket and the sandwich, and we walked it over to him. I wish you could have seen the eyes on his face when he saw us again there ready to help him out. We left him almost in tears and I could truly feel his love and gratefulness from us. 
That taught me a lot. When we think of others and forget ourselves, we will be blessed. We may have a new friend ready to here the Gospel and even be baptized. It wasn’t so bad either, I thought I was gonna die because my natural man was coming in. But, because I followed the spirit, I was able to help someone, and I’m fine, I’m still alive and well and was able to have some delicious instant ramen! ( wasn’t that good but it’s okay it was soo worth it! :) )

I love that guy so much! I am grateful for the opportunity that the lord has given me to help him out. Remember to follow the spirit, it just may bless you, or in this case, someone else’s life! Remember to have gratitude in your hearts this time of year as we have many things to be thankful for that we sometimes don’t take the time to appreciate!
This week read Jacob Chapter 4 vs. 7 it’s a good one! 
I love you all!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Preciado


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