Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 9 Getting better..

Hey folks,

This week was a better than last week and I hope you enjoyed last weeks letter. 

This will be a little shorter, but i want to share a cool experience I’ve been having this week. Had a companionship exchange which was last friday. We had a lesson with a college student and taught him of the book of mormon! (My FAVORITE) he loved it! I was able to testify to him all my feelings of it and the power it has, and i know he felt it, I gave him an english and japanese copy so that he could practice reading english.  He promised to read at least 5 minutes a night with his busy schedule. We plan on meeting tonight so hopefully it goes well.

That's really the only great thing that happened this week. I was just glad to be over the flu and back out there! My knee is doing a little better. I treated myself to a cane so that i can get around easier! Don’t  laugh or hate i gottta do what i gotta do to teach people. It helps thought so it's getting better which is good!

Hope you are all continuing reading and enjoying life, enjoy the holiday season and do so by sharing the gospel with someone you love! 

I love you all..till next week!

P.s. Sorry my camera is having issues so hope to get it fixed so I can share pics soon!


Elder Preciado

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