Sunday, November 16, 2014

Where has the time gone! Week 10

So I was chilling here thinking, wait a minute, its November about to be December, which means I’m coming up very, very soon on 6 months of being a missionary which means I’m about a quarter way into my mission which means I’m going to start going crazy because that’s TOO FAST.
Anyways haha, Hello again! Been a FAST, FREEZING week. Its beginning to get very cold here and it isn’t even the worst of it. its just starting! Lots of good things happened this week as opposed to other weeks. Tuesday had a good lesson with my good ole friend Panchhi さん. Afterward we promised we would eat at his restaurant so we had some mighty fine Indian food. Wednesday traveled to Senboku Area which was like an Hour away, to do a baptismal interview for the Elders over there. Afterward we swapped companions and came back to Hashimoto. My new companion for the exchange was Elder Sano! The sickest Japanese Missionary on the planet. He speaks minimal english, so i was forced to speak A LOT of japnese during the exchange. it was Hard but i learned a lot from it. Japanese is slowly getting better. Every Wednesday night we hold a ping pong night at the church, and we try and invite investigators and members to come and play and have fun and what not. This week! Masa さん Came! Some guy we called from the area book and invited him. And surprisingly he actually showed up! Built a good relationship with him and invited him to our free english class we hold every Friday. And he came there too!! We even gave him a Book of Mormon to read and we plan on following up with him later. 
Saturday, had a few good lessons, teaching this young women about how to find happiness in this life. We gave her a book of mormon and she committed to reading it. Yesterday was a good one. After Church, went over to a Lady’s house of whom we’ve been teaching. Last week we gave her a book of mormon and she started reading. She’s in 2 Nephi already! She’s a beast. Hopefully she will see the goodness and light of the gospel and want to get baptized very soon. On our way back from that appointment, we found 3 new people while housing. Talk about awesomeness. 
Saturday had a really cool experience with the spirit. 
We taught an 18 year old kid weeeeekkkkksss ago, and it was an amazing lesson. The kid was crying and everything and really felt the spirit. We agreed to meet the following weekend because he only lives in this apartment on the weekends as he has a job in osaka and commuting is difficult sometimes. For weeks we were trying to visit him but he was never home. What happened? Where did he go? Did he move? Did he lie and try to be nice? What’s going on!  Saturday we were going to visit him one last time. We walk around the corner and look up at his windows and they’re all off, all the lights are out. My companion says, welp he’s not home... and I said hold up man!!! We walked up to the door. And My companion rang the doorbell like 50 times. No answer. So we started heading back down. But I felt the need to begin violently shaking the door handle. So i did! I waited about a min. Then the lock slides open and out comes the kid!! The guy almost pooped his pants he was so scared! Turns out he hasn’t been able to come back to the apartment for a few weeks and so he came back that night and they shut off his electricity. so it was dark. The guy said, `I was sitting on the toilet freezing because the electricity was out and my toilet seat warmer wouldn’t heat up, then I heard a crazy noise so I walked out and then I see this HUGE Foreigner in my doorway! haha 
Basically because of the spirit, we came back in contact. Don’t know what would have happened. Maybe he would’ve missed out on some Awesome eternal salvation! haha When you receive a prompting from the spirit, Do it. It’ll bless you. It’s blessed me in this experience and MANY others in terms of my life actually being saved, helping someone else, and finding a lifelong best friend. I know it will bless you like it has me! 
We recently started a mission challenge of reading the book of Mormon in 4 months. BUT here’s the catch!! We were asked to find All references of Jesus Christ, Attributes or characteristics of the godhead, and highlight when a prophet, angel, god, etc. are speaking. SO I challenge YOU to do the same thing!! Take three different colors and have at it. I’ve begun and holy jamoly is it amazing. It causes me to really, really focus in on every verse to find each thing and its increased my knowledge of the Book of Mormon in just a few short weeks. As I study some more I’ll find some good golden nuggets for ya’ll to read, but for now this is where I want you to start!!

Have a good week i love you all and enjoy your families presence at this time of year :)


Elder Preciado

Here's some pictures this week, the elder is Elder Sano, a Japanese

 missionary i was on comp exchanges with..

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