Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hello all!
Monday, was Preparation day obviously but we had to travel to Semboku, which is an hour away for a baptismal interview. Because it was so far we had to stay the night over there in the area with the Semboku Elders. The guy passed his Interview so that’s all that matters right?! 
The next day, my companion had to travel to Kobe for District Leader Training which left me on a companionship exchange with Elder Barton over in Sakai. Elder Barton is a BRAND NEW MISSIONARY. We both don’t have the greatest language abilities yet, especially him ha he just got here. And so basically we went forth with faith talking to everyone we could. We did have an appointment with a REALLY old man that the Sakai Elders are teaching. A man who LOVES music, literally any form of music. ANYTHING. even the ticking of a clock. Crazy but the man is awesome. He’s a little crazy! but a ball of fun! He had me right my full name down on a paper in English and Japanese so I wrote, Jacob Matthew Preciado, and then ヤコブマタイプレシア度長老. He has to read with his glasses and a magnifying glass haha, so he read my name and his eyes get HUGE. He says, Your name is JACOB, Jacob MATTHEW. YOU’RE A PROPHET. And so the rest of the visit he kept treating me like he was with Jesus the entire time, giving me food and popsicles and all sorts of stuff. It was weird and uncomfortable, but I love that guy and bless him and his soul!

Wednesday I came back, but then went on ANOTHER companion exchange with my good ole buddy Elder Steers :) Love that guy so much! and it was good to work with him again. That whole day takes us to Thursday. This time I had to travel to Kobe for TTT Meeting, or Trainer Trainee Training Meeting. (That’s a mouthful) That was a solid day. I headed there and got to see all my old buddies from the MTC!! Got to see my bro Elder Eccles. Shout out to him! Love that guy. That was also thanksgiving. They fed us a thanksgiving meal as best they could at that meeting. Wasn't quite like home, but I still enjoyed it. I appreciated them for trying their best! It was great! After the meeting ended, me and my companion hit up Burger King since we both have been craving a burger. That was Deluxe, not to mention expensive! BUT, Well worth it. Twas a good thanksgiving dinner :) 

Friday came back but then went on ANOTHER companion exchange! this time with Elder Urry. Guy is hilarious! super fun to be around and we both jam on the ocarina together. That was awesome. That night we visited our friend Panchhi at his Indian restaurant for dinner that night. We ordered an all you can eat meal where you get unlimited na`an, which is a really good Indian bread tortilla thing. These pieces are big too. Probably about the size of two dinner plates? Panchhi asks me if I eat a lot. and then asked me to beat his Restaurant record for the amount of na`an eaten. Best believe I smashed it. Ate all 9!

Saturday was my first relaxed normal day in the area. Got some stuff done, visited some people, and had a few good lessons. Not to mention I’m back on the bike again! Feels so good to ride and feels good to get skinny again! haha a lot more exercise. Sunday was a good day we had church and then were invited over to a member’s home for dinner. Things have been awesome and I’m loving every second of it all!

This week, I want you to continue reading the book of Mormon! That way you can get that personal revelation meant for YOU! I’ve already heard some of you are beginning the challenge! That makes me SOO happy!
 頑張って下さい!(Work hard!)
I love you all and hope you have a good week. I know i will!

Elder Preciado

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