Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 4 = 1 Month!!!


This past week was yet again another swell one. got to teach a lot, learn a lot, and feel the spirit a lot, and cry a lot, WHATS NEW?! 

I must tell you all im having the greatest time of my life. no joke.

You asked about my companion and hes doing great! He and i have been continually growin on all cylinders

 I again had another Great mock investigator. her name is Wakasugi Shimai. Shimai is Sister in japanese.
My companion elder hall and i really pleaded unto the lord for guidance in this lesson. And it went even better than the lesson with Aoyagi san!!!! i straight up was fluent in the language this time, testifying and witnessing of this gospel and the blessings of it. 

Growing up in the church, i always had a testimony. I always knew the church was true and what not, but that testimony id say was built off of my parents, or others. it wasnt MY OWN. That has Changed. i truly have been converted unto this gospel of jesus christ, and i know the blessings and comfort for MYSELF. i pondered about that A LOT in the temple last thursday and it slapped me in the face. i truly have become a man ( i say that humbly haha ). im so truly greateful for everything god has blessed me with in this past month. wait MONTH WHAT?? where has time gone!!!! time flies when youre having fun ;)

Ive never appreciated all of you so much either, everything you taught me, everything ive learned from you, everything youve said to me. Especially my Dad. i love you so much dad! i find myself quoting you ALL the time. ive never appreciated youre teachings this much before and its been blessing not only me, but my "investigators". its been a blessing! SO THANK YOU :)

OH and i got to be a missionary host, i got to rip missionaries away from there parents at the curb!!! HAHAHA SOOOOO funnn, NOT but its sad, really sad hahaha, you know me i dont like being the "bad guy",

OHHHH! had a Pokemon ceremony. Each of us in the district got a pokemon sticker that is supposed to represent us in one way or another. i got This guy named Machop, because hes freakin JACKED like me, no surprise there...hahahaha Jodan ( just kidding). i know all of you dont care. call me a kid! i know i am :)

id say the only bad part about this week is destroying my knee in basketball. should sign me to the NBA because i was straight ballin on all these noobs in the GYM....until i twisted my knee hahaha..... i couldnt walk at first, and thought about seeing someone about it, but learning is more important, so i prayed about it and went forth to class with faith that the lord would heal me for trying. still hurts so incredibly bad, but its been getting better day by day. 

I love you all! youre awesome, continue to pray for me, i truly can feel your love. :)

Elder Preciado

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