Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 5!

Whats good peeps.

This week has been pretty decent. just another week at the MTC  For some reason I was a little homesick on Tuesday, but it got better. lol.. haha its been amazing though. not a whole lot to report on this week although i had some more amazing lessons. Aoyagi San started to lose his faith in Joseph Smith, and what was right and wrong and we sat there in silence as he was venting to us about if we were there to help him or not ( Teacher can pull it off nicley haha ) after he said that, i felt it, it hurt a little bit, but, i stared him right in the eyes, and testified to him that Joseph smith is a true prophet. ( as i began to tear up, yet again, thanks dad ) my companion did the same. we extended the necessary commitments to him once more, and he looked at us and apologized, and right there on the spot believed us once more. we got a report from our teaching coach that "Aoyagi san" said it was the best lesson we’ve ever taught. I can tell you that we could not have gotten through that without the spirit, because we had no idea that what he was going to say was coming! we were blessed from it and made it out alive! haha

We also heard from A General Authority which was sick, Richard Evans of the seventy. probably the best talk ive ever heard regarding repentance. its so, so important that we do so. 

i love all of you, keep sending your love i appreciate it a lot. keep me posted on how things are going too!
I love hearing from all of you and I really appreciate the letters and packages everyone!

love you all :)

Elder Preciado  
Provo Temple

This is my companion Elder Hall

This is Elder Allred

Elder Hall 

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