Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 6!

Hello once again friends & family!

How are you all doing? everything's been great! i had a really..really REALLY, rough start to the week. Andie, my younger sister passed away on the 19th thirteen years ago. so as you could imagine... BUT. monday was the worst. i thought and anticipated it a lot, which actually made it worse and it wasnt even the day yet. i pleaded unto the lord for comfort. and the next day he answered my prayer! I woke up, feeling happy for some reason. i got up, prepared myself, and headed out for the day. My companion and i prepared our lesson, just like any other lesson we've planned. we went in to teach Aoyagi San again. And my oh freakin my. gave an AMAZING lesson, afterward, brother olson (aoyagi san) came up and said,"what did you guys do differently? that was THE best lesson ive EVER recieved from ANY elders here at the MTC, that was amazing." i know i said that before but, you really had to be there to understand the power of the spirit.

i know the lord, and the spirit were with me in that lesson, because once again, i was speaking really well, i shared inspired experiences and it was amazing. most of all i know andie was with me all day. because that has been my best day yet. i learned that as i focus on others and their needs, i forget my own, and i find an abundance of joy! i love this so very much!

We got Kohai yesterday! (more elders, or junior elders) and man do i have a story for you:

as i was greeting them getting to know them at the orientation, i was invited to speak to the new branch. i met an elder, his name is elder jesperson. i said,"Hey elder where you from!" he said ,"Hey! im from socal!" and i said no way!! where?


i said, "WHAT, im from corona dude"

we both looked at each other...very weirdly. he said, do you play football? i said yes, you as well? he said yes. i said please tell me you went to Vista Murrieta High, he said DONT tell me went to Centennial!

i laughed sooooo hard. Turns out we smacked this Elder in the CIF Championship! ive made fun of him soo much for it! but dont worry everybody, we play for the lord now, we are on the same team ;)

I love you all soo much! my knee still hurts, but its fine, im a beast remember? HAHA JUST KIDDING. i truly feel better and i love this work so much. Things have been going quite well lately. Hope everyone is reading their scriptures, and mom i hope you are sharing stories of me in seminary, tell them to be ready! You are an awesome teacher and I know they must love you, i do!

p.s. TELL EVERYONE TO SEND LETTERS!!! I love getting them in the mail!! :)

Talk to you soon :) 
Elder Preciado
, elder wiseman is a guy in my district we decideed to work out know im messing around, right! haha

Who you gonna call? The missionaries (weekly cleaning service assignment) and a fellow korean missionary that im good friends with, elder wheeler

oh! and i drew this picture for fun today... enjoy!

Elder Eccles

Elder Wiseman

Elder Eccles

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