Thursday, July 31, 2014

Konnichiwa!!!!! Week 3!

こんにちは皆 さん!!!!!!!!

This week has been amazing. Ive been learning a lot about what it takes to be a good missionary (its more than you think). Ive been learning a lot about Japanese too! Here in the MTC we teach mock investigators ( Theyre usually teachers emulating an investigator they had on their mission) and so ive gotten to teach a Kyudosha (investigator) named "Iwamoto San" and "Aoyagi San" Let me tell you THAT is a learning experience. I do have an experience for you:

These lessons are obviously taught in STRICTLY Japanese. so its MUSUKASHI (Difficult). I Get frustrated sometimes because i know exactly what i want to say, but i cant, or dont know how to in Nihongo (Japanese). But ive learned quite a bit about what the gift of tongues is here in the MTC and the importance of relying on the spirit. I was frustrated before our lesson with Aoyagi San (This was going to be our second one). My companion and i werent communicating effectively about the lesson plan so it seemed disastrous in my eyes. and so while my companion was in the bathroom, i got down on my knees and pleaded unto the lord for guidance and assistance in this next lesson that "Aoyagi San" may feel the spirit and that i may know what to say. when i finished, i got up, me and my companion marched over to the room, and taught the greatest lesson weve both ever taught. i didnt know where to interject, or what to say at first, my companion had a solid lesson on the restoration set up so he spoke most of the time (considering hes really good at japanese and knows six languages - showoff). Aoyagi was understanding, but he couldnt really "grasp" the concepts and doctrines. That was when i just opened my mouth and bore witness and testimony of Joseph Smith, a prophet, seer, and revelator of our loving heavenly father, that christ is our savior, and he atoned for our sins, and that the book of mormon is the true word of god. i straight up spit it all out in japanese and Aoyagi san was Stunned, i was crying (as usual - thanks for the genes Dad), and thats when i said," Baputesma ukette itadakemasuka?" Aoyagi san said "HAI" (yes) in a firm answer.

I know the lord has blessed me with the gift of tongues in that lesson, because i did not know what the freak i was saying, but i know that the spirit was so incredibly strong in the there. Brother Olson ( the teavher emulating Aoyagi San, came up to me later that night and said that if he could, hed get baptized AGAIN after how Powerful he said he felt the Seirei (Spirit)

That was just one experience out of the many ive had here at the MTC. I got to see Chase! hes doing good and still makes fun of me for being stuck in the MTC longer than he is haha it was good seeing him, got to see Maddy Hawkins back all the way from Modesto too! It was good to see her after so many years and im surprised she remembered me haha.

If there is Anything that i learned most about this week, its the power of bearing testimony, and the gift of Charity. "i encourage you to Always bear witness of what you believe in, it just might save someones life" -  words of John H. Groberg ( the story of "The other side of Heaven" is based off of his mission) he came to speak to us on our devotional. Bearing testimony is powerful, its strong, its motivating. And it will only grow so long as you continue to bear it.

Charity, THAT is something special. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Its a gift, a Gift that we must earn by showing faith in Christ and our willingness to be like him. I like to think of Charity as service, Doing something for someone else. just as Christ did. Thats what we do as missionaries! we are always in the service of our fellow beings, and its one of the greatest tools in conversion. STRIVE to develop Charity. Love those around you no matter how hard it is, because thats what christ would do. ( Haha WWJD!! What would jesus Do! ) it will bless others around you, BUT it will also bless you, and our heavenly father will bless you for that.


All who are reading this im sure have had a LARGE impact on me in one way or another, origato gazaimasu.

Stay tuned til next weeks episode of "Elder Preciado" hahaha

P.s. send some Pokemon Stickers! and please send me that Centennial football Shirt, i got some missionaries here that dont believe i played there, and i need another workout shirt haha, i go too ham in the mornings...but yeah send those things please! as Japanese elders we love the pokemon stickers. they represent our "level" at the mtc!

Love you all!

 プレシアド 長老

(Elder Preciado) pics below:

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