Thursday, July 17, 2014

First week was great!

I cried a lot, because the spirit is so freakin incredible! a lot of things have happened. i was made district leader, and thats been a wonderful opportunity. work even harder, but thats okay. the district of 8 of us are all like best friends. we all connect SO well and its super cool we all are going to pretty much the same mission except for elder allred, and elder harrison, theyre going to tokyo south mission.

Brother Willes is the first counselor in the branch presidency. he is gordon b hinckleys nephew! such a stellar guy. so profound in everything he does, and says. hes taught me a lot.

i ran into haley vanoverbeek from OR ward which was cool. she looks like shes been doing good. i also saw a lot of EFY buddies, AND got to see the Capiks! he was our old bishop when i was just a little guy. but yeah! foods great! and ive been monitioring my eating. ive actually LOST 6 lbs alresady from kicking butt in the gym haha

so many great things have happend here. like a lot. ive felt things i didnt think id ever feel before. its been incredible. i can already tell these next two yearss are going to be the best OF my life, and best FOR my life. 
ive learned the japanese language pretty well too. im surprised! we have mock investigators and we teach them in strictly japanese. and so ive been teaching this guy named iwamoto san. hes legit. my companion knows more Jap than i do. so he does most the talking, but i say things when i need to. i asked him to be baptized after sharing this random testimony where i knew i had no idea what i was saying, but i knew he was feeling what i felt, he could SEE what i was feeling haha, especially since i was freakin crying. (thanks dad) but i asked him and he said he understood everything, and that he would be baptized. I also was able to perform my first blessing, with the oil on elder machado, hes from brazil. he got knocked in the head playing soccer and was having some severe head pains and couldn't think straight, couldn't focus, and was throwing up. he came up to me and said, Distrct Leader, please...please bless me. on verge of tears. so i blessed him and by the end of the day, he was 100% better...i CRIED hard because of the power of the priesthood. 

OH! i also joined the MTC choir...... yeah me, i did, i SUCK at singing. they made me a tenor hahaha, ANYWAYS ive been singing my heart out, singing like a beast. We sang at devotional. and it was televised i guess. and so right when we started singing, i got a SOLID 15 seconds of tv time;) 

ai shite mas! that means i love you haha. i love it here and i love you all. cant wait to spread this fukuin(gospel) to the people in nihon(japan)!!!!!!! gonne be great :)

Preciado Choro

(Elder Preciado) 

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