Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 4, but who's counting!


Week was really, really solid. not to mention FAST too holy crud! time flies when your having fun :) Started off the week with pretty poopy start still. Was sick again and what not but i said FORGET it and just headed out to work with Elder Scowcroft. Gosh we are such beasts. Things got way better after that. Wednesday was able to do some findings and found a few potential investigators. Did some volunteer work at a hospital that day too! Made bracelets for patients, and i guess they LOVE them so I was happy to help in any way :) Not to mention it was Jordan’s Birthday! Did some service for ya! I Love you bro keep making right choices.

Thursday was an even better day, we rode SUPER far on our bikes with the Sisters to a less active women’s house to share a lesson and do yard work. Her husband recently passed away and she can’t keep up her Yard like he could so of course the Choros come! (Elders). Then afterwards we had a lesson with a recent convert, so it was a filled up day. Friday had my first Zone Training Meeting. I felt the spirit so strong and was able to get acquainted with everyone in my zone. It was good! I went on another exchange but this time with the zone leader Elder Davis and we were in Mikunigaoka, which is basically Osaka. Had an awesome time there and was able to teach an australian man named Tony on the street and he said he’d hit up the missionaries back home! ( Seed planted :) ) Also was able to talk to this 26 year old guy at a park. I’ve never felt so much love for a random stranger before. It was clear that he lived a hard life and hasn’t found purpose in it. When we said to call us anytime and we will help you in anything, he gave me the sweetest look on his face that just made me want to cry. I love it so much! 

Saturday came around and first thing we do is hit up 巣白!! (sushi ro) which is the famous sushi on a conveyer belt restaurant. smashed a ton of plates of sushi filled with assortments of squid, octopus, salmon eel, tuna, etc. BOMB to the DOT COM. I attached some pics! Little Obachans were looking in amazement! i wasn’t even full i could have smashed another 20 easily, no joke. J

After that we tried findingbut people nothing was working, so we tried riding around the neighborhood and we found an 18 year old kid in an apartment who is READY. and when i mean ready, hes freakin READY. He was crying just at how friendly we were to him. He works hard to support his mom and sometimes things just get really hard in life like we all experience….but we taught him about god, how he loves us, and knows us. He lost it again in the closing prayer and said we could come back anytime. SOLID MAN! That makes a total of 7 progressing investigators. Its hard work but it’s not mine, it’s the lords. If this work was all up to a bunch of 18 or 19 year old kids, it would have failed a long time ago. That’s just a small testament to how true and amazing this gospel is and what it can do for us and our families. Keep working hard and open up your mouth. Christ is right beside you as you exercise your faith, EVERY soul is worth it. Strive to Develop faith like Nephi if we all had the amount of faith of his and the amount of muscle (or mine ;))jk.., we’d all be unstoppable!

Read in 1 Nephi 11. Ponder about ways you can strive to be closer in faith like unto Nephi. I’m not asking you to be like him and see angels. But trying is better than nothing! That’s all that Heavenly Father wants us to do in anything that we do. Is to TRY. We don’t grow or learn unless we try…. So DO IT! J

I love you all :)

 Elder Preciado :)

Love serving them..and dad should be proud :)

soo good!

Yep, those were all my plates :)

Its' like a dream...never-ending sushi!

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