Monday, September 29, 2014

Japan....Week 3!

Greetings from むきむきちゃん!(Muki Muki Chan) 

Week has been rough but good. We had President Ringwood, The area seventy, came and spoke to the mission. THAT was really good. i learned a lot from that conference about my purpose, and how to be a better person. President Ringwood is a BEAST. Following the conference, i left home with Elder Steers instead of Elder Scowcroft. We went on companionship exchanges! THAT was amazing lemme tell ya!! Elder Steers is a freakin Beast, i learned so much from him during that exchange. hes like 5 years older than me, so he’s like a brother to me! haha He’s really helped change my perspective on a lot of things. i'm grateful for him!

The next morning we were taken to a tabehodai restaurant! (all you can eat) THAT WAS HEAVEN. You basically grab a tray and load up with raw meet sushi and basically whatever you want, you bring it back to your table and cook it on your own table! I wish i had a picture to share, but i forgot my camera. Next time!

Had a few good lessons right there on the street and just talking to people in general, i accidentally asked a guy to marry me.... HA he gave us a vegetable that he grew and i wanted to give him some cookies that we had, and i said kekkon shite moii desu ka? ( may we get married ) instead of kokan shite moii desu ka? ( may we exchange ). hahaha there’s a little taste of how hard Japanese is...i’m workin on it though! Lol

Finally got some new pants too after ripping my other ones.:) The only poopy part of the week is, i may have caught the stomach flu, i got it yesterday after church…and lets just say i lost like 10 lbs over night!! keep me in your prayers because i need to get back out and work!

Spiritual message of the week, (for your seminary kids too, mom)

Read about Oliver Granger in section 117 in d & c, he was one of the people who stayed back and helped take care of the people as the saints left for Utah. Because of him and the things he did, his name was remembered from generation to generation. EVERYONE can be that person, as they share missionary work, their testimony can hit someone who needs it and change them forever, for eternity! That’s what happened to destiny as i opened my mouth. We don’t have to be full time missionaries to share. Be a light to those around you and you will bless them by your example, let others remember your name from generation to generation like my boy Olly Granger. It can be scary to do so, but just remember that we all covenanted to bear witness of Christ at ALL times and in ALL places. Nothing is wrong with trying! I stress it a lot because this is important! Don’t you want your buddies chillin and partying in the celestial kingdom with you? i know i do!! So Do it! Do it for their sake, but also do it for the lord and you will find so much joy and happiness, i testify of that

Everyone please write me! I’d love to hear from you all. I love you! and until next week!

Elder Jacob Preciado

I cooked the Squid not the sushi!...I’m not THAT good.... yet.:)

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