Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 2 down...

Good Week!

MAN.... Its already Pday? I swear I  just talked to you guys yesterday!! Anyways! good week!  We had a lot of great lessons!

First off, i ripped my favorite pants while riding my bike.... too bad Grandma isn’t here to fix em like she always does..haha Met some potential investigators this week too! After church yesterday we were asked by the branch president to hand out our halloween party fliers and the branch missionary was there with us ( he’s like 50-60s) and they always talk about having good missionaries who are diligent and hard working, so i didn’t want to fail him and i was forced into to talking to everyone in sight despite how bad my Japanese is! I did really well and he really likes me and elder scowcroft now! Sunday was awesome because we also had a lesson with Mr girlfriend guy (we are not supposed to share actual names of investigators for special purposes so names may be funny and weird). the lesson went well and we are hoping his girlfriend wants to continue to meet with us too. she thinks elder scowcroft and i are really attractive americans haha. he’s a man in his 60s and really wants to be like me for some reason, meaning wants to say NO to smoking and what not. A really good guy and has a good desire hopefully he will be baptized soon!

we taught “Harry” this week as well. a man who’s fluent in english (thank the lord) and the lesson went really good. he holds a book club and LOVES books so i was like Hey! I have got a blue book right here for you, read it  and be baptized! haha he’s also a really good guy!

We pulled weeds for four hours on saturday cleaning up the church and what not and a member saw us and brought us McDonalds and KFC. YES, that’s HUGE in Japan haha.

Been getting really good at cooking too, (thanks mom) and things have just been great! been having some crazy good food too. Nato was the winner of this week’s craziest food.,,,, fermented soy beans, basically rotten beans in snot. gross right? Turns out its somewhat good, and EXTREMELY good for you. I had okonomiyaki which is amazing. and some dango! dango is delicious its a really soft chewy dough like treat with different types and flavors. BOMB!

love you all, just been working hard, relying on the lord and letting him guide me through this amazing experience.

Quote for this week...”Remember, nobody wants to be a squidward”. ( Mom share that with your seminary kids as they go to school)

. BTW!! our mission will be getting ipads very soon for facebook and teaching and what not. they say its like 40,000 yen ($400 us) so maybe people could help donate in the coming months so i can get one to use? They don’t have to, the mission just told us to ask others first I guess.

Be sure to read in Ether Chapter 12, its about faith, and think of ways you can better yourself and apply the teachings in your own life.  ALWAYS have faith!

Love you all!


Elder Preciado

This is Dango! Love these!

Teaching my companion how to cook! :) Thx mom!

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