Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 7! I missed week 6...

Hey Everyone.

I want to apologize about last week. I was at the Hospital all day for my knee and had to get it taken care of. Turns out I have a badly strained ligament problem which hasn't really been allowing me to walk very much. This started from football, but has worsened with all the bike riding and walking. I have a knee brace and they gave me medicine BUT I’m stilling doing my best to work hard and continue to hasten the work.
This week was a sloooowwwwww week. Because of the knee injury, couldn't do a WHOLE lot, but did the things best i could. we have a lot of neighbors who are investigators so that’s nice!! I was able to hobble my way over there and teach them. Me and my companion have been really wanting to visit `Talks a lot Lady`(that’s going to be her name, because she talks a lot). She lives somewhat far from us near the Eki (train station) so its been difficult trying to see her. Basically, our last visit with her, we talked in the genkan ( front room, basically the doorstep ) about the Book of Mormon, she is a Buddhist, and so we thought it might be hard, but we did anyways. She did,say OH! this looks cool, im a Buddhist but since you’re giving it to me i GUESS i have to read it. BAM! Finna! (its slang for get a baptism real quick!) if she progresses she will be baptized. We will see how that goes and ill let you know next week! 

We had our Ward Halloween Party on Saturday too. SO FUN! Definitely made up for the week!  my companion and i didn't have costumes at first.  He was previously in the Air Force and had a cool Air Force Jacket that he wore. so he was a pilot! i was just a  missionary when i showed up haha, BUT. a Sister in the ward said, Preciado ちょうろう!! This is for you!! It was a Super Mario costume. Yes, i was super mario. it was pretty sweet. I even entered the costume contest and won a Medal! hahaha.
Pray i have a better week on behalf of my knee. i was put on the ward prayer list for my knee here. i even got a handmade bracelet from a member that is supposed to contain magic powers that will heal my knee. (Whatever that means) But Whatevs!! it was a gift so ill take whatever helps haha! 
I want you to know that through my experience thus far, I’ve come to know our Heavenly Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ VERY, VERY well. Through my daily prayer and scripture study, I’ve been taught so many things about myself, and the way God deals with men. I invite you all, if you are not already, to start daily studying your scriptures and praying. It’s been the most wonderful experiences and revelation that I’ve received. The more you strengthen your testimony, your beliefs will turn to action and you will be farther on your path to receiving exaltation.
i Know that.

Have a good week, and pray my knee doesn't worsen! I am always praying for you guys. Have a good one, till next week!


Elder Preciado

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