Monday, June 29, 2015

What's good folks....Week 42

Another week here in the Japan Kobe Mission has gone by. And it is
transfer week. My freakin gangster of a companion, Elder Nitta is
leaving to a different area. It was an awesome time working with him.
I had some of my funniest moments with him, but also some of my
hardest. It was a fruitful transfer with many things learned,
experienced, and well...still AM experiencing. Out of every person
who's ever worn the black badge, he's one of my favorite missionaries,
and am gonna miss him crawling into my futon every morning and getting
in the covers to say "good morning," just inches from my face. I'm
just gonna miss him a lot and know he's gonna do well over in his new

My new companion is Elder Watanabe. And this dude.. Oh man. He is the
MAN. I met him earlier in the mission and we've had some good
conversations and just become good friends. And now I'm his companion.
He is so kind, so funny, and so loving. I know despite my health
challenges, we will still be a good companionship. I think president
knew what he was doing when he assigned him to me during this time.

To update you all, cause I know you all are wondering, I'm still sick
like I always have been! Sorry I don't have the answer you all wanna
hear right now. Nor is it the answer I wanna share with you all. We
got word on the blood tests, and everything seems normal so the doctor
says, and so that means they haven't found anything. I was asked by
the Asia North Doctor and President Welch to take a stool test,
testing to confirm whether or not I have a parasite of some
sort...pretty yucky to think I may have one... That was taken last
Thursday and we should be hearing the results within the coming week.
Pray it's a parasite people. If not I don't know what there gonna do
to me next.

Through it all I have the whitest knuckles. From holding on so tightly
to my faith, and hopes. I've been so broken apart it feels like. But I
know it'll all work out, one way or another. I also know that Jesus is
the Christ. The living Son of God. And that through his love and his
atonement, He can piece me back together. After all, that's why he did
it. I'm not giving up. I'm still pushing along trying to make things
happen. Thanks for your prayers, and the sacrifices you've made for
me. It's been a blessing! I'll be sure to fill you all in on what's
going on with me when I find out. Until then, keep trekking and know
all is well.

Love you all and thank you again for all your Love and Prayers!

Elder Preciado

                                                               Last time with Elder Nitta!

Here's one from a service
activity we did this last week. I felt TERRIBLE during it... The
special needs daycare we volunteer at had a "cafe" day where they were
waiters, and served people that came in to have some drinks or
desserts. Pretty cute activity. They asked us to help, and so we
dressed up and joined.

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