Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful MOM's! Week 35

Family and friends, 

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all those mom's out there! Including my aunts and grandma's that 
take such great care of me! Love you all!

It was another week in the Japan Kobe Mission. Nothing super duper
awesome or crazy happened this week, to be honest. I had the
opportunity to visit a temple here in Kyoto! Called Kinkakujin. Made
of gold! Well...kind of. It's covered in gold foil stuff. But it's
real gold for stuff. Pretty cool though.

It's been a little bit slow here in terms of the work, but life's good
as a missionary.
My knee hurts a lot lately. The same problem I had, and from football.
Trekking a long and just trusting in God that this is what he wants me
to experience. I'll be fine.

I got to Skype my fam yesterday which was really cool! Everyone is
looking good. Especially my little sister! She's grown up to be a
pretty girl! Love you Addison.

I have not much else to report on. I'm just so thankful for the little
things that we all take for granted in this gospel. I love it so much,
and what it's done for me.

I love all of you, I'm sorry this is short, but I gotta go!

Love, Jake

Ps. I have some pictures for you all!
My companion and I bought flowers to give to all the moms for Mothers day in the ward. They loved it!
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you very much and don't forget that or worry about me. I am in the Lord's hands.

 My Momma sent me flour Tortillas, and I made my first Quesa Dias in Japan! Oh how I MISS THIS!S
Brother Ralph Smith came from my home ward to deliver a package from my parents!

Wait, what is that beaming of light coming to me?

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